Free Brindi!

I know there are a lot of problems that need solving out there in the animal world but I recently came across a story that I feel we can actually make a difference in now. It’s a saga that has been going on for 9 months now and I wish I’d known about it sooner. Of course, I don’t think anyone would have ever expected it to go on this long in the first place. I’m talking about a case in Halifax, Nova Scotia where a dog named Brindi has been imprisoned by local animal control indefinitely. Brindi is a beautiful, 5 year old, mixed breed dog who was rescued from a shelter and led a wonderful life with her new mom until a few minor transgressions abruptly ended it all. Brindi had, as all dogs do, a few run-ins with other dogs, one that ended in a minor wound to the other dog. It occurred along her own property line where she is obviously going to be more territorial. Every dog does this! The second time it happened, animal control ordered that she be muzzled whenever outside. This is just ludicrous! However, when a third incident occured and she wasn’t wearing a muzzle, she was confiscated and scheduled to be euthanized! The euthenasia order was stopped by the Supreme Court but she still has not been released. What’s worse, her adoptive mom, Ms. Rogier, has only been allowed to see Brindi once – in 9 months of incarceration! Is that not just sickening? On top of it all, it appears that Brindi may have cancer. If it’s true then she more than deserves to go home and be at peace with her family during what may be her last days. This entire debacle is just so hard to wrap a logical mind around! It cannot be allowed to continue! This sweet little girl deserves another chance! Ms. Rogier has already installed fences around her property and volunteered to pay all costs. There is absolutely no reason that this should not be resolved now! Dogs will be dogs and Brindi, by all accounts, is a wonderful one!

UPDATE! 5/5/09 –

Brindi went in for her surgery this morning. The vet found and removed 4 cysts and sent the largest off to be tested. Let us all hope and pray that they come back benign! Due to more underhanded actions by the local SPCA, Ms. Rogier again missed an opportunity to see Brindi and must now try to go through them to have a visit with her pup – only the SECOND in NINE MONTHS! I really hope that together we can finally get this resolved! Keep up the good work, everyone!

For more information, please visit the numerous links below.

The official Free Brindi page can be found here.

There are several petitions that you can sign to show your support for this cause (and disappointment in how animal control has handled this situation):

Petition on Care2

Petition on iPetitions

You can find letters of support for Brindi here.

You can join the cause on Facebook here.

You can purchase items from here and have the proceeds go towards helping to free Brindi.

Finally, you can view a touching video about the situation and showing dogs from all over the world asking for Brindi to be freed. I warn you, it had me in tears within seconds. It is so well put together! If you’d like, you can post your own pictures below and we’ll see if we can get them to someone who can use them to help support the cause.

Spunky wants Brindi free as much as everyone!

Free Brindi

Edit: Want to post a picture for Free Brindi of your own furry friends? Go to FlickR, Photobucket, or any other online image host and upload your photo there. Then post the link to that photo here in our comments and we’ll round the pictures up and post them. Just copy and paste the URL from the address bar of the photo and we’ll do the rest. Thanks for all your support! I’m sure Brindi and Francesca appreciate it.

These Pups Say Save Brindi!

Petey Says Save Brindi
“Petey, a rescue, has heartworms. He needs his (new) momma more than ever right now, just as Brindi needs to be home with her momma, too. We hope and pray that Brindi gets to come home soon!” From Petey and Kay Byrd.

Secondhand Smoke vs. Your Pets

I realize now, as we near the end of the month, that I should have created an orange design. Well, the thought is there, right? Anyway, on to the post.

“Health officials often talk about the dangers of living with a smoker, but few pet parents are aware that our animal companions face similar risks—from respiratory problems to cancer—when exposed to secondhand smoke. New research suggests that secondhand smoke is unsafe at all levels—for humans and pets—so it’s time to get serious about ditching those butts for good.”

In this week’s ASPCA newsletter, there is an article on the effects of second-hand smoke to dogs and other pets called Silent Killer Hurts Pets, Too. Personally, the negative impact smoking has on animals seems (to me) obvious. You don’t want your children inhaling cigarette smoke, why would you want your furry kids to? Nicotine is a toxic substance that should not be in contact with any child – furry or not.

The article gives a few good examples of what can happen to your pet if he or she ingests cigarette wrappers or nicotine or anything that has to do with this unhealthy habit. I don’t know about you, but I get pretty annoyed when someone smokes in my face, but your pet can’t exactly tell you to trash the butt and pick up a better hobby. We’re their voice, right?


ASPCA Austin Wag-n-Walk!

Yes, I know that this is now 5 days late but at least it’s finally up! There was just so much to write about and so many photos to go through that it took longer than I’d hoped. Add on top of that that we’ve been helping out at my dad’s business and been doing other random things to help prepare us for our move down here in a couple months and it’s just been really hectic. Still, I hope you think this article was worth the wait! Be sure to check out our gallery for more photos. If you were there, see if you can see yourself in one or more of them! It’s like “Where’s Waldo” only it’s “Where’s… You!” ^_-

Wow! Just wow! Yesterday was the ASPCA’s Wag-n-Walk in Austin, TX and it was phenomenal! I posted last Thursday morning that we were headed to the event and I tell you it was totally worth the 16 hour drive! It took us until Friday afternoon to get here since we had to stop during the night at a gas station and there were bad storms in Texas that slowed our progress but I wouldn’t have given this experience up for anything! We were actually worried that it was going to get canceled because it was scheduled to storm (and I do mean storm, not just drizzle) pretty much the entire time. It was even raining in the morning yesterday so we kept checking the ASPCA site and seeing if they had twittered about it being cancelled and we even tried to call Zilker Park, where it was held, to see if we could reach anyone but since we didn’t we decided we would just go ahead and go. As we left the sky started to clear a bit and we even saw a little blue between the clouds which made us happy. I kept saying that this was a good cause so the rain should stop. I guess it thought so too! We got to Zilker just before 11 when the walk was about to start and the dogs were so excited we could barely get their leashes on them! As we walked up to the area where it was I actually got goosebumps because I was so excited to see all the orange everywhere and how many people had showed up despite the weather.

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Traveling With Animals to ASPCA’s Wag-n-Walk

As we prepare to drive down to Austin for the ASPCA’s Wag-n-Walk, we have a lot to think about. Spunky as well as the snake are coming with us but all the rest of the animals are staying here with my mother and sister. This means that we have to consider what needs to be done for all of the kids. It can be overwhelming but it is something that absolutely needs to be done. You may think that leaving animals with someone means that everything is taken care of right there but that isn’t true. Before you leave, you need to think about any possible problems that may occur and plan for them ahead of time. Since I am a list person, I sat down and wrote a To-Do lis and a packing list. Those lists were filled with animal related tasks and items. For instance, today I went around and changed all the cat litters as well as added 2 more. That makes for a total of 5 litter boxes. This is because my mom and sister cannot keep up with all of our cats as well as we could if we were here. This way each litter box will last longer and with minimal cleaning everything should be fine for the week or so we’ll be gone. There is also concern over our kitten Merlin because he likes to bolt the door. As well as putting a note on the door to remind everyone to look for him before they open the door, there is also a laser pointer strategically placed by the door in case he does get out. By the way, that was a genius idea that Nikki came up with last night when he escaped on us. She ran off, grabbed the laser pointer and we guided that young man right back inside. Anyway, another task on my little check list is to put the bettas away in a cabinet so that there’s no chance of the cats getting them while they’re gone (trust me, taping the tops on can’t even guarantee that). All of the little ones cages have also been cleaned and we know that there is enough food to last however long we might be gone. As for the packing list, there are always items for Spunky and whatever other animals might be traveling with us. Always remember to pack food, water and bowls for your animals. Even if it’s a short trip or you know you can borrow food from someone at your destination, you should still travel with a small bag of a few feedings worth. All of this is just in case but as with everything else, it’s better to be safe than sorry. And in case you’re wondering why a snake is going this road trip with us it is because she will be staying with someone in Austin until we move down there in a few months. She will be able to have a better set-up there because here we have a lack of space and also don’t want to buy a terrarium here since it is liable to break in the move. Anyway, that’s the reason – we don’t just randomly haul snakes around in a car for fun. ^_-

So yes, if all goes according to plan then we will be walking to raise awareness of animal welfare as well as money to support the ASPCA on Saturday morning. Spunky is looking forward to networking with the Austin pups and to looking snazzy in his bright orange bandana. I’ll hopefully be able to twitter about it as it occurs and there may even be some twitpics of the event to be sure and tune in to @RescueAnimals. If anyone else is participating, it’d be great to hear from you! There will also be a walk in Los Angeles on April 25th so if you’re in that area then look into it! It’s such a great cause! Anyway, I’m off to get ready. Everyone remember to Go Orange for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month!

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